ASP利用Jmail组件发送邮件实例二 带附件

ASP利用Jmail组件发送邮件实例二 带附件

JMail用法实例2 附件 抄送 秘送
Set JMail = Server.CreateObject(“JMail.Message”)

‘是否将信头编码成iso-8859-1字符集. 默认是True
JMail.ISOEncodeHeaders = True

JMail.Silent = True

JMail.Charset = “gb2312”

‘JMail.ContentType = “text/html” ‘如果发内嵌附件一定要注释掉这行,重要!
JMail.From = “” ‘ 发送者地址
JMail.FromName = “上岸QQ的鱼” ‘ 发送者姓名
JMail.MailServerUserName = “saqqdy” ‘ 身份验证的用户名
JMail.MailServerPassword = “******” ‘ 身份验证的密码

JMail.AddRecipient “”, “Mr.Example”
‘JMail.AddRecipientBCC Email ‘密件收件人的地址
‘JMail.AddRecipientCC Email ‘邮件抄送者的地址
JMail.Subject = “图片测试!!!”
JMail.Body = “A nice picture if you can read HTML-mail.”

‘ The return value of AddAttachment is used as a reference to the image in the HTMLBody.
‘contentId = JMail.AddAttachment(Server.MapPath(“images/email.gif”))
Dim contentId
contentId = JMail.AddAttachment(“E:\images\email.gif”)? ‘只有HTML格式支持嵌入图片附件,我们采用HTML格式的邮件内容

‘ As only HTML formatted emails can contain inline images we use HTMLBody and appendHTML
JMail.HTMLBody = “<html><body><font color=””red””>Hi, here is a nice picture:</font><br>”
JMail.appendHTML “<img src=””cid:” & contentId & “””>”
JMail.appendHTML “<br><br> good one huh?</body></html>”

‘ But as not all mailreaders are capable of showing HTML emails we will also add a standard text body
JMail.Body = “Too bad you can’t read HTML-mail.”
JMail.appendText ” There would have been a nice picture for you”
JMail.Send( “” )
Set JMail = Nothing